Use of DAIMEI logo

The DAIMEI GROUP logo represents the policies that our company cares about.

More than plastics
Taking on the challenge of creating high value-added products that go beyond plastics

The DAIMEI GROUP has established logo design guidelines to enhance and maintain our brand image. If you want to use the DAIMEI logo in a way that is not described in the guidelines, please contact us in advance.
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Corporate color

The corporate color “Daimei Blue” is specified as follows

daimei blue
C:100 M:90 Y:30 K:0
R:15 G:54 B:117


A certain amount of isolation (blank space) is required around the logo, and no elements may be placed within this range. Even if isolation is secured, please avoid placing elements near the logo, as they may damage the impression of the logo.

Examples of prohibited logo use

Any modification or alteration of the logo’s shape may damage the brand image. Please refer to the following examples of prohibited logo use and be careful not to use the logo in the wrong way.

(Exceptions are made for the items that we have specifically approved.)

Do not alter the shape
(Do not alter the shape of the text (e.g., long, flat, or italic)

Do not change colors
Do not violate isolation
No gradation
No shadows, stereoscopic , or other effects
No transparency effects
Do not change the letters spacing
Do not tilt
Do not use any effects that would impair the image.

If you have any inquiries regarding the logo, please contact us as follows.
Daimei Plastic Co., Ltd.
Public Relations Team
Date of enactment:2018/06/01