Initiatives for Human Resource Development

Top Message

President sends a message to the employees as a Top message, and the employees reply to the president with their thoughts as an Answerback. Then the most impressive answerback will be picked up and shared with all Daimei members. We unite the same direction and improve our abilities to consider and act by ourselves.

Employee Training

To develop human resources who will carry the future of Daimei, we held training proactively by category, such as “Handing Down of Skill” “Training of Managers” “Leadership Development” “Learning Management Sense”.

Project Activities

We have organized a project team consists of young workers across deferent departments, and they foster awareness of responsibility, autonomy, and cooperation.The aim is to cultivate human resources with a wide field of view through experiences that can not be obtained in regular work.

QC Circle

Through QC circle activities for all employees, we aim to develop the ability to detect and solve problems. By cooperating with team members in the same workplace, it leads to self-development and mutual development. We held a company-wide competition once a year.

Improvement Activity

We focus on improvement activities aimed at improving productivity and a workplace environment. Improvement examples at each base are spread horizontally to the company-wide and used to advance factory sites. At the same time, it develops independence, a sense of ownership, and the ability to think for employees.

New Employee Training

In the new employee training, participants learn the basics of greetings, manners, smiling, etc., to be mentally prepared for becoming a working member of society, and also participate in mock exercises such as discussions and presentations. As senior employees serve as instructors, new employees can learn about the corporate culture.

Career Consultation

The employee prepare a career development sheet and has a consultation with a supervisor at least twice a year. We consider future career development together with the employee, respecting the employee’s own will.

Organizational Revitalization Initiatives

Employee Motivational Activities

We have guidelines for activities called “Daimei Credo,” which encourages all of us to act spontaneously and to work efficiently with a sense of purpose. We hold regular meetings for all employees to share awareness and exchange opinions to improve ourselves through friendly competition. In addition, twice a year, we use an organizational diagnostic tool called “Engagement Survey” to visualize the state of the organization and measure the rate of mutual affection between the company and its employees. Each department prepares action plans based on the results of engagement surveys and implements PDCA cycles to improve the organization. With the help of these activities, we raise employees’ sense of ownership and encourage them to increase their motivation.

Our Corporate Culture

We are a company with a culture in which employees can take on challenges of their own interest and make the most of their knowledge . This has been acknowledged by society, and we have received the following awards and been featured in some magazines. The company received a special award (longevity company category) at the 1st “Best Companies to Work For” Awards (sponsored by the Osaka Management Rationalization Association), and was featured in Diamond Inc.

Encouragement of Qualification Acquisition

Qualification allowances are paid depending on the qualifications acquired.
 Plastic Molding Technician
 In-house finishing technician
 Electrical discharge machining technician
 Machining Technician
 QC certification
 Bookkeeping and others