1914 – 1949

1914.Founding President Iwao Yamaguchi rent a shop at Kyutaro-machi, Sembakita, Chuo-ku, Osaka, and established KOEIDO.
1930.In 1930, established KOEIDO Corp.
1932.In 1932, on November 30th, established KOEISHA CO., Ltd. At Bakuro-machi, Higashi-Ku, Osaka.
Started manufacturing and sales of metal signboard and nameplate.
1942.Developed erosion technology for photo characters on Celluloid.
Received a request to create a celluloid navigation calculator.
1948.Changed the company names to “DAIMEI PLASTIC CO., LTD.”
Relocated the head office to Fukaehigashi, Higashinariku, Osaka-city.
Developed a dial manufacturing method of printing a photo on a glass plate.
Later, the products had gradually changed to an acrylic resin scale, and the leading business items were shifted to synthetic resin nameplates and other molded products.

1950 – 1959

1950.Developed new paint suitable for polystyrene nameplate.
1951.Introduced the first injection molding machine in the private sector.
Completed Japan’s first high-speed injection molding method for nameplates using styrene resin.
1952.Succeeded in the development of injection molding and painting processing of radio scale plate using thermo-plastic.
1954.Installed the first 500-ton automatic injection molding machine in Japan. (Matsuda 1st type)
1955.Started secondary finishing work.
Succeeded in injection molding of CRT television mask for the first time in the world.
1957.Imported plastic sheet extrusion equipment from the U.S.
1958.Imported rotary vacuum forming machine from the U.S.
1959.Installed a 1000-ton pre-plasticizing fully automatic injection molding machine, the largest machine in Japan.
Established Osaka Division. (Currently Daimei Osaka Co., Ltd.)

1960 – 1969

1963.Installed Japan’s first large-size machine, the first 1,200-ton screw injection molding machine, and four other large-size machines
1966.Established Saijo Division
1968.Imported deformed extrusion technology from the U.S.

1970 – 1979

1970.Established Nara Division (Currently DAIMEI AMS Co., Ltd.)
1972.Participated in the capital of Osaka Small and Medium Business Investment & Consultation Co., Ltd.
1976.Released own product, the “dog kennel”.
1976.Released own product “Jungle Gym”.
1976.Released own product “Dekodai Block”.
1976.Released own product “Map Play for Mother and Child – Union Map Puzzle Japan”.
1978.Established Daimei Plastic Singapore Co., Ltd.
1979.Participated in the capital of Osaka Small and Medium Business Investment & Consultation Co., Ltd.
Established Okayama Division. (Currently Daimei Okayama Co., Ltd.)

1980 – 1989

1985.Established ECS Division as a mold production department. (ECS=Engineering Center Service)
Started production of molds to produce an engineering plastic precision part. (Currently DAIMEI ECS Co., Ltd.)
One-step service from mold, injection molding to secondary processing became possible.
1989.Installed 1800-ton injection molding machine.

1990 – 1999

1990.Established Meiban Plastic Motegi Co.,Ltd.
1993.Installed two 2,500-ton injection molding machines.
Established Meiban Plastic Johor. (Malaysia)
1996.Established Daimei Santana Indonesia.

2000 – 2009

2000.ISO 14001 Certified.
2002.Developed the private brand, “Healthy Foot Washer”.
ISO9001 Certified.
2006.Established Daimei Plastic Oita Co.,Ltd.

2010 – The present

2010.Established Daimei Thailand.
2013.Established through corporate separation
・Daimei Osaka Co.,Ltd.
・Daimei Okayama Co.,Ltd.
2014.Celebrated 100th anniversary.
On November 19th, held a ceremony for the 100th anniversary of foundation at Ritz-Carlton Osaka.
2019.Installed Carbon 3D printer.
Started modeling service as a Carbon certified production partner.