Zero Emissions Initiatives

Zero emission is a concept proposed by the United Nations University in 1994 to reduce waste emissions to zero.

DAIMEI manufactures numerous plastic products to meet the requirements of our customers. In this regard, we have incorporated the idea of zero emission into our production.

As part of its efforts, DAIMEI is working to reduce material losses and to keep recycling clean by creating production plan that prevent other types of plastic materials so as not to impede recycling, and outsource plastic waste and crushed materials from the manufacturing process to external recycling companies to be used as recycled materials.

As part of its environmental protection activities, the company also actively disseminates information to production sites on material yields, material waste losses and the percentage of defects in the painting process that cannot be recycled.

We are also taking further steps to build a new recycling flow to re-use waste resin in order to achieve zero emission in our own company.
In 2022, we introduced a large special crusher, and we are conducting a series of tests from various perspectives, including moulding trials and physical property tests using the recycled material.

Along with economic development, we see it as one of our company’s responsibilities to contribute to the environmental protection aspect as “self-contained recycling”.